Keeping warm on a budget!


Stay warm on a budget!

Being on a budget in winter can seem like a cold and miserable time, but it doesn’t have to be! There are more expenses to worry about, more heating more nights out and we haven’t even mentioned Christmas!  Make worrying about the cost of your heating behind you! No one wants to be that guy in the house that refuses to have the heating on because they can’t afford to, well we have some easy and effective ways to save some cash this winter season.

Firstly, this may seem like the most obvious,  but turning your thermostat down can really help save money!! It is suggested that your thermostat should be around 18-21 degrees, so if it’s any higher turn it down! The energy saving trust stated that turning your thermostat down just 1 degree can save up to £75 per year!! You’re not going to notice a degree lower, so an easy money saving tip!!

Another simple way to keep your heating costs down, get to know your boiler and sort the timer out on it!! Timers are there for a reason, getting out of bed in a morning and it not being icy cold is the only way to making getting out of your warm bed in winter a little more bearable. Or getting back from uni to an already heated house, perfect. Not budgetonly can setting a timer make your house a more comfortable place to be, it can save you tons on your bills. Having set time the heating is on means there’s no forgetting about the heating and it being on all day when no ones in. Regularly heating your home can also prevent any nasty condensation that is more than likely going to appear in your rooms.

So you have set a timer for your boiler, morning and evening the house will be lovely and toasty. So what about during the day? Layer up!!! Get all the jumpers, socks and leggings on you can find, buying an extra pair of long johns wouldn’t go a miss either…

budgetWe all know going down into a dark and spider riddled basement just to get meter readings is not ideal, but this is essential if you want to cut down on your heating bills. Do no let your energy supplies just estimate your readings, they are more than likely going to round up. Make it a monthly task to take you meter readings so you are only paying for the energy you are using!

We hope some of these tips help you keep warm and comfortable this winter whilst keeping the bills down!