Light Night in Leeds 2016


Light Night

Light night in Leeds is back! The annual multi-arts festival focusing around light projects and installations by some upcoming and well established artists, which takes over Leeds city centre with light installations and light parades.

This year is the first year that night light has been put over two days, the biggest light night in 12 years! Everything kicks of at 6pm on Thursday 6th of October. The big attraction this year is the light triathlon, this spans all around the city beginning with a 5K run, cycle and finally the lantern parade. All activities will be lit up with colour, glowing in the dark whilst they run around Leeds.

Where to look for light night

There are over 50 attracts at the light night this year, so you won’t be short of things to see. The ones we are most excited for include the light show over the Leeds Civic Hall, the building is completely lit up, this year the theme is “Phoenix In The Stone” this was done back in 2013, check out pictures here , we cannot wait!

light night

Other activities include making the iconic Queens Hotel into a 100 foot digital waterfall, sounds pretty impressive right?!

Merrion street gardens will be taken over by giant dandelions, an installation by Olivia d’Aboville who is a French artist who specializes in tapestry and textile structures, find out more about her work here.

The final installation we really want to mention (there are too many to talk about every piece!) is light water, dark sky by Squid Soup, which is being put on at Leeds dock . This huge array of lights, 6000 to be precise, is a three dimensional digital art installation which pulsate to give the impression of water. A cool experience for anyone going, here is some more information on the event.

Have a look at the Leeds City Council website for a more in-detailed itinerary of when all the acts are one and what location! Leeds City Council Website