Bonfire night


Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Bonfire night is traditionally know as the night in 1605 when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King. Realistically now this is not usually the reason we decide to go out in the cold and burn stuff, but any excuse to go out! So if you’re new to Leeds, or just need reminding, here are the best places to go this bonfire night!




So first things first, bonfires. Leeds city council are putting on 6 free bonfires this year across public parks. The biggest being at Roundhay Park. All the bonfires tend to kick off at around 7.30pm and the fireworks around 8pm. Here’s a list of the biggest bonfires around Leeds –

  • Bramley Park (Bramley)
  • East End Park (Bellyeoman)
  • Middleton Park (Middleton)
  • Springhead Park (Rothwell)
  • Woodhouse Moor (Hyde Park)


If you’re still in the mood for partying after all the fireworks then The Beaver Works are holding a post apocalypse night! This includes 7 arenas of different music, stage shows and of course fireworks! Find out more information here


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So whatever you are doing this bonfire night, we hope this guide helps and have a great night!!!