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A Complete Guide to Tackling Your Teaching Application

A Complete Guide to Tackling Your Teaching Application We are now fully immersed into the depths of January and with a new year, comes new responsibilities. Deadlines are fast approaching and they always seem to come round quicker when you are least prepared to tackle them. To help you fast-track yourself and better your chances […]



NEW YEARS EVE The biggest night of the year some will say, the worst night other will say. Whatever you feel about NYE, you still gotta’ do something!! If you are deciding to stay in Leeds for NYE you will not be disappointing. We have made planning a Leeds New Year super easy, so you […]


Christmas Dinner On A Budget

Christmas Dinner The last few days at uni before heading home for Christmas were always our favourite time of year. Your uni work is handed in, its time to relax and get ready for the festive season! A house Christmas dinner is a great part of the last few days before leaving. Cooking (or trying) together […]


Christmas Shopping At Craft Fairs!

Christmas shopping is officially upon us! So Christmas shopping, its known for being stressful and expensive! BUT, we have some alternative shopping methods instead of the high street, which can help you save money and get some original handmade gifts. Craft fairs are a great place to find great gift ideas which are bit different […]


Creating Space in Student Accommodation

Creating Space in Student Accommodation Your living space at university is precious, and you need to make sure that there is enough space for all of your academic work as well as making it a space to feel like a home from home environment. To do this, you need to ensure that you take advantage […]

German market

Leeds German Market

            Leeds Christkindelmarkt is back!  We don’t know about you, but the German market is one of our favourite things about Christmas in Leeds! The German market re-opens it’s gate this year on Friday the 11th of November. The market is open 10.30am-9.30am everyday until the 18th of December. The […]


Bonfire night

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Bonfire night is traditionally know as the night in 1605 when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King. Realistically now this is not usually the reason we decide to go out in the cold and burn stuff, but any excuse to […]


Keeping warm on a budget!

Stay warm on a budget! Being on a budget in winter can seem like a cold and miserable time, but it doesn’t have to be! There are more expenses to worry about, more heating more nights out and we haven’t even mentioned Christmas!  Make worrying about the cost of your heating behind you! No one […]


Light Night in Leeds 2016

Light Night Light night in Leeds is back! The annual multi-arts festival focusing around light projects and installations by some upcoming and well established artists, which takes over Leeds city centre with light installations and light parades. This year is the first year that night light has been put over two days, the biggest light […]